Paul Harvey 外国人教師



1961年生。1980年9月、Oriel College,Oxford University入学。1986年6月Oriel College,Oxford University卒業退学(MA,MPhil取得)。MA English Language and Literature,MPhil English Studies 1500-1660(Renaissance Poetry and Prose)Oxford University。1986年10月、京都大学教養部招聘研究員(1年間)。1988年4月、大阪大学言語文化部講師。1990年4月、カナダ商工会議所専務理事(1年間)。1991年4月、大阪大学言語文化部講師。1995年4月、大阪大学言語文化部助教授。1999年10月、大阪大学文学部・大阪大学大学院文学研究科外国人教師に着任し現在に至る。

Research Interests:

I am working on English poetry 1800-1900 preparing lectures on the best poetry in the British Isles and North America. I am also considering verse-speaking. What is the best way to read poetry? How should Coleridge’s “Ancient Mariner” be read without becoming wearisome to listen to? In the past 15 years I have been writing textbooks, translating classic Japanese and Chinese poetry, writing poetry on religious and on other themes (Birds, Sport, Flowers). I continue with this. I am also writing my magnum opus, Exnihil vol 1 Bereshitbara vol 2 Enarchae vol 3.


My creative writing class has developed greatly in the past ten years, with a large attendance by students. Use your creative ability in English, focus on the tradition of Japanese and Chinese classical poetry, learn how to make a 5 line poem more effective as poetry – we are learning the basics of poetry. It is an excellent way to improve English ability and to make one read with more attention. I strongly recommend reading the Oxford English Dictionary, the complete edition, to enrich your knowledge of English.

Books & Articles:

Paul Harvey, Eco-Friendly Japan. Eihosha (2008)

Stean Anthony, One Hundred Poems [百人一首の訳]. Yamaguchi (2008)

Stean Anthony, ed. Selections from Shakespeare 1-5, 5 vols. Yamaguchi (2009)

Stean Anthony, Saint Paul 200. Yamaguchi (2009)

Stean Anthony, Songs 365. Yamaguchi (2010).

Heiankyo 1 (Yamaguchi 2015) [poetry]

Bird (Yamaguchi, 2015) [poetry]

Sport (Yamaguchi, 2016) [poetry]

Exnihil (Yamaguchi, 2017)  [story]

Saint Mary 365 1-6 (6 vols) (Yamaguchi) [poetry]

Office Hour:

Friday, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, 文学部本館4F, Room 425


Classic Poetry in China, Japan and Korea

Eitanka Writing Waka in English

Monday Songs

Selections from Shakespeare

Psalms of David