Paul Harvey 外国人教師



1961年生。1980年9月、Oriel College,Oxford University入学。1986年6月Oriel College,Oxford University卒業退学(MA,MPhil取得)。MA English Language and Literature,MPhil English Studies 1500-1660(Renaissance Poetry and Prose)Oxford University。1986年10月、京都大学教養部招聘研究員(1年間)。1988年4月、大阪大学言語文化部講師。1990年4月、カナダ商工会議所専務理事(1年間)。1991年4月、大阪大学言語文化部講師。1995年4月、大阪大学言語文化部助教授。1999年10月、大阪大学文学部・大阪大学大学院文学研究科外国人教師に着任し現在に至る。

Research Interests:

I am working on Shakespeare in performance, looking at the way that different inflections change the meaning of particular speeches. What is beautiful verse-speaking on the Shakespearean stage? By comparing different spoken versions of famous speeches, and by studying the text very closely it is possible to learn a great deal. The way that the verse is spoken is of vital importance in performance, since it can alter the whole way that the audience will relate to a play.


The English Renaissance period was the beginning of the modern period, and all of modern English Literature has its roots in this period. This is just as true for American Literature as for British Literature.Past authors were steeped in the literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly Shakespeare,Spenser,Sidney and Milton. For students who love English Literature, they should read at least one play by Shakespeare while they are still at university.

Books & Articles:

Paul Harvey, Eco-Friendly Japan. Eihosha (2008)

Stean Anthony, One Hundred Poems [百人一首の訳]. Yamaguchi (2008)

Stean Anthony, ed. Selections from Shakespeare 1-5, 5 vols. Yamaguchi (2009)

Stean Anthony, Saint Paul 200. Yamaguchi (2009)

Stean Anthony, Songs 365. Yamaguchi (2010).

Heiankyo 1 (Yamaguchi 2015) [poetry]

Bird (Yamaguchi, 2015) [poetry]

Sport (Yamaguchi, 2016) [poetry]

Exnihil (Yamaguchi, 2017)  [story]

Saint Mary 365 1-6 (6 vols) (Yamaguchi) [poetry]

Office Hour:

Friday, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, 文学部本館4F, Room 425


Classic Poetry in China, Japan and Korea

Eitanka Writing Waka in English

Monday Songs

Selections from Shakespeare

Psalms of David